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Submitted Requests to Use Johnson & Johnson Data

Total data requests received, No. 106

Additional information requested by the YODA Project, No. (%)

37 (34.9)
Request Status:  

Approved, No. (%)

96 (90.6)

Under review / Revisions requested, No. (%)

1 (0.9)

Withdrawn / Closed,* No. (%)

9 (8.5)

Not approved,** No. (%)

0 (0.0)

Data requested not appropriate for study proposal, No. (%)

Proposal lacks clear scientific merit, No. (%)

Project aim is commercial or litigious, No. (%)

Request is beyond the YODA Project scope, No. (%)

Median number of days for YODA Project review 8.0

Last update: December 3, 2018

*Click here for additional information on withdrawn/closed data requests.

**Click here for additional information on why trial data cannot be made available to request.

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