Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. (a subsidiary of Kenvue, Inc.) – Available Data

Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc., a subsidiary of Kenvue, Inc., is currently making clinical trial data for consumer products available as appropriate.

Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. has adopted a policy that fosters sharing clinical trial data, including both recently completed as well as older trials. Before any trial is listed as available, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. confirms the location of the data and the electronic format, as well as any agreements with collaboration partners to ensure each trial listed can be shared.

Trials listed for sharing on this site have been confirmed to meet the below criteria. The YODA Project and Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. continuously add to this list, as additional trials are identified that meet the below criteria. In cases where clinical trials do not meet the below criteria, the disclosure of these study data is at the sole discretion of the Data Partner. If there is any question about the availability of a trial not currently included in the trial list, please submit an inquiry.

Researchers may submit requests for full Clinical Summary Reports (CSRs) and/or de-identified participant-level data for interventional clinical studies in humans of consumer products that are regulated as medicinals or devices for which:

  • Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. or an affiliate is the market authorization holder;
  • The product and relevant indication studied have been initially authorized or cleared by the US FDA and EMA or by a health authority anywhere in the world if US FDA and EMA authorization or clearance are not required or sought to allow marketing in that region from 2014 going forward; and
  • The study has been completed for 18 months and published in the peer-reviewed literature.