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OPTICS Trial Bundle

OPTICS Trial Bundle

CSR Summary

Multiple CSR Summaries

NCT Number

Not Available

Primary Citation

Multiple Publications

Data Specification

Not Available

Annotated CRF

Not Available

Product Info

Generic Name
Product Name
Therapeutic Area
Behaviors and Mental Disorders
% Female
% White
Product Class
Atypical Antipsychotics
Sponsor Protocol Number
Data Partner
Johnson & Johnson
Condition Studied
Mean/Median Age (Years)

Supporting Documentation

Analysis Datasets
Clinical Study Report
Protocol with Amendments
Statistical Analysis Plan
Additional Information: 

OPTICS Trial Bundle
The OPTICS trial bundle includes socio-demographic and phenotypic (i.e., clinical) information for the subset of participants who had both phenotypic and genetic information. Phenotypic information for the remainder of the study participants will be included once it has been de-identified.  Due to privacy concerns, genetic information cannot be released.

Descriptive variable labels are provided in all of the data files.

Redacted CSRs, protocols, and statistical analysis plans are available for the following trials:
R092670-PSY-3007, R092670-PSY-3004, R092670-PSY-3001, R076477-SCH-303, R076477-SCH-3015, R076477-SCA-3002, R076477-SCA-3001, and R076477-BIM-3003

Documentation will be updated as it becomes available.

A detailed list of the documentation available for each trial can be found here.


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