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How to Request Data

Data Request Process Diagram


1. Review the YODA Project Policies and Procedures

2. Identify data of interest in the Trial List

a. If data of interest are not listed, submit an Inquiry

3. Log in

4. Complete the data request requirements. These include:

a. Names, degrees, and SCOPUS IDs (if available) for all Key Personnel

b. Project funding source (if applicable)

c. Conflict of Interest statement for the PI and Key Personnel (form provided here)

d. Data Use Agreement Training (training provided here)

e. Research Proposal (instructions provided here)

f. Specify the type of data requested for identified trials: redacted full CSRs or IPD

5. Certify that all information provided is true, and that the requested data will not be used in pursuit of litigation or for commercial interests

6. Submit data request

Start a new data request

Data Request Dashboard


No data requests found. Click here to generate a new one.