Partnership with SI-BONE, Inc.

From May 2016-April 2023, the Yale University Open Data Access (YODA) Project enabled scientists across the world to gain access to SI-BONE’s key clinical studies of the iFuse Implant System®, a minimally invasive surgical device indicated for fusion for certain disorders of the sacroiliac joint. This partnership established an independent process that promoted open science and had a goal of leveraging prior research investments to produce new knowledge.

The YODA Project performed independent scientific reviews of investigator requests for SI-BONE’s clinical studies of the iFuse Implant System®, including participant-level data. SI-BONE conferred on the YODA Project the authority to make decisions about the release of their clinical trial data. This allowed all requests for clinical data to be fairly judged and decided upon by an independent academic partner.

SI-BONE shared data from their SIFI (Sacroiliac Joint Fusion With iFuse Implant System) and INSITE (Investigation of Sacroiliac Fusion Treatment) studies. No requests were received to use SI-BONE data.