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Samrina earned an MChem with Honours in Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry from The University of Manchester and an MSc in Cheminformatics from UMIST. She then joined Inpharmatica, where she contributed to the development of chemogenomic drug-discovery databases now part of ChEMBL. She completed a Ph.D. in Systems Biology at the University of Manchester, pioneering research on Dupuytren biology. Her postdoctoral work focused on liver disease, chronic myeloid leukemia, and urothelial cancer, leading to a fellowship sponsored by Unilever to study the human scalp. In 2017, she joined Evotec SE, enhancing drug discovery services with her systems biology expertise. Since 2019, she has been at the Medicines Discovery Catapult, providing bioinformatics support to the UK life sciences and drug discovery community, working on projects in immuno-oncology, motor neurone disease, healthy ageing, neuropathic pain, and mental health. Samrina is an honorary senior research fellow at the University of Manchester and also serves on the American Dupuytren’s Foundation research committee.