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Submitted Requests to Use Johnson & Johnson Data

125 Data Requests Received
42 Requests Requiring Scientific Revison
7 Median Number of Days for YODA Project Review [IQR, 4 - 11]
94.7% Requests for IPD and supporting documentation
5.1% Requests for full CSR only
Data Request Decision
88.0%Approved [n=110]2.4%Under Review/Revisions Requested [n=3]9.6%Withdrawn/Closed [n=12]0.0%Not Approved [n=0]
Purpose of Analysis
New Question (54.7%)
Meta-Analysis (53.8%)
Clinical Prediction, Risk Prediction (25.6%)
Validation (23.1%)
Statistical Methods (14.5%)
Clinical Trial Methods (12.0%)
Other (11.1%)
Pilot/Preliminary Research (11.1%)
Comparison Group (9.4%)
Number of Trials Requested
32%Requests for 1 trial37%Requests for 2-4 trials13%Requests for 5-7 trials35%Requests for 8+ trials
12.9% Multiple trials: Same product
36.5% Multiple trials: Different products in same disease category
50.6% Multiple trials: Different products in different disease categories
Primary Investigator Affiliations
Academia (90.4%)
Government (5.6%)
Industry (3.2%)
Other (0.8%)

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