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Articles about the YODA Project

Ross JS, Waldstreicher J, Bamford S, Berlin JA, Childers K, Desai NR, Gamble G, Gross CP, Kuntz R, Lehman R, Lins P, Morris SA, Ritchie JD, Krumholz HM. Overview and experience of the YODA Project with clinical trial data sharing after 5 years. Sci Data. 2018;5:180268.

Wilcox MA, Savitz AJ, Addington AM, Gray GS, Guinan EC, Jackson JW, Lehner T, Normand SL, Ranu H, Senthil G, Spertus J, Valeri L, Ross JS. The Open Translational Science in Schizophrenia (OPTICS) project: an open-science project bringing together Janssen clinical trial and NIMH data. NPJ Schizophr. 2018;4(1):14.

Low J, Ross JS, Ritchie JD, Gross CP, Lehman R, Lin H, Fu R, Stewart LA, Krumholz HM. Comparison of two independent systematic reviews of trials of recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein-2 (rhBMP-2): the Yale Open Data Access Medtronic Project. Systematic Reviews. 2017;6:28.

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Krumholz HM, Ross JS. A model for dissemination and independent analysis of industry data. JAMA. 2011;306:1593-1594.


Articles about Data Sharing

Tannenbaum S, Ross JS, Krumholz HM, Desai NR, Ritchie JD, Lehman R, Gamble GM, Bachand J, Schroter S, Groves T, Gross CP. Early experiences with journal data sharing policies: A survey of published clinical trial investigators. Ann Intern Med. [Epub ahead of print 17 July 2018] doi: 10.7326/M18-0723.

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Articles about Transparency

Zou CX, Becker JE, Phillips AT, Garritano JM, Krumholz HM, Miller JE, Ross JS. Registration, results reporting, and publication bias of clinical trials supporting FDA approval of neuropsychiatric drugs before and after FDAAA: a retrospective cohort study. Trials. 2018;19(1):581.

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Ross, JS. An independent evaluation of the cardiovascular risk of rosiglitazone: meta-analysis of GSK’s publicly available clinical trial data. Approved research proposal through Results available here.

Krumholz HM. How Do We Know the Value of Our Research? Circ Cardiovasc Qual Outcomes. 2013;6:371-372.




"Sharing Data through the YODA Project: Early Experiences and Lessons Learned" (Given by Joseph S. Ross, MD, MHS, at the Center for Biomedical Research Transparency Summit, February 15, 2019)
"Openness About Clinical Trial Results: Lessons from the Front Line" (Given by Joseph S. Ross, MD, MHS, at the American Association for the Advancement of Science Annual Meeting, February 15, 2019)
"Sharing Data through the YODA Project: Early Experience" (Given by Joseph S. Ross, MD, MHS, at the Eighth International Congress on Peer Review and Scientific Publication, September 10, 2017)
"Clinical Trial Data Sharing and Reproducibility" (Given by Harlan M. Krumholz, MD, SM, and Jeffrey M. Drazen, MD, at the Harvard Medical School Health Policy and Bioethics Consortium Meeting, December 7, 2016)
"The Yale Open Data Access (YODA) Project: Repurposing Data for Researchers" (Given by Jessica Ritchie Klein, MPH, PMP, at the American Library Association Annual Meeting, June 27, 2016)
"The Yale Open Data Access (YODA) Project: Lessons Learned in Data Sharing" (Given by Joseph S. Ross, MD, MHS, at the Society for Clinical Trials Annual Meeting, May 18, 2016)
"Data Sharing: Perspectives from a Third Party, Independent Academic Process (YODA)" (Given by Joseph S. Ross, MD, MHS, at the CBI Conference on Clinical Data Disclosure and Transparency, January 29, 2015)
"Clinical Trial Data Sharing" (Given by Joseph S. Ross, MD, MHS, at the NPA FDA Taskforce Meeting, December 15, 2014)
"BMP Use: Evaluating Industry-Funded Trials" (Given by Kevin Bozic, MD, at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS), Orthopaedic Research Society (ORS) Clinical Research Forum, February 6, 2012)
"A Model for Dissemination and Independent Analysis of Clinical Trial Program Data" (Given by Harlan Krumholz, MD, at the American College of Cardiology (ACC) Board of Trustees Meeting, December 5, 2011)


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