Study Phase 4

Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Randomized, Prospective, Two-Stage, Two-Arm Study to Evaluate the Efficaciousness and Safety of a Double Treatment Plan Using a Combination of Mebendazole and Quinfamide for Treating Intestinal Helminthiasis and Amebiasis in the Mexican Population

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  • 1 NCT02385058
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Trial Information

Generic NameMebendazoleProduct NameVERMOXTherapeutic AreaParasitic DiseasesEnrollment100% FemaleN/A% WhiteN/A
Product ClassAntiparasiticsSponsor Protocol NumberMEBENDAZOLGAI3001Data PartnerJohnson & JohnsonCondition StudiedHelminth InfectionsMean/Median Age (Years)N/A

Supporting Documentation

  • Clinical Study Report Available
Additional Information

Please note: individual participant-level data are not available for this trial. Only the full clinical study report is available.


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