medRxiv (pronounced med archive) is a preprint service for the medicine and health sciences and provides a free online platform for researchers to share, comment, and receive feedback on their work.

Information among scientists spreads slowly, and often incompletely. The sharing of findings can ensure that scientists are building on each other’s work and that knowledge is not sequestered. In the fields of medicine and health sciences, there many reasons why results are never reported or published; however, a preprint service enables archiving of a result without the formal peer review, editorial, and publication process. Preprinting ensures that results are well documented and accessible and provides the opportunity for peer feedback and support.

medRxiv aims to:

  • Improve openness and accessibility of scientific findings
  • Increase speed of dissemination of knowledge
  • Enhance collaboration among researchers
  • Document provenance of ideas
  • Facilitate proactive sharing
  • Improve with wisdom from the community

Please note: although documents are screened prior to posting, medRxiv preprints are not formally peer reviewed and any content or results should not be used for clinical medicine.

Complete information about medRxiv, including author guidelines, is available at: