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Clinical Trial Inquiries and CSR Summary Requests

196 Inquiries Received
263 Unique Trials Requested in Answered Inquiries
16.5 Median Number of Days for Response to Inquiry [IQR, 8 - 42]
99.0% Inquiries Answered to Date
50.7% Inquiries (where trial(s) made available) which Led to Full Data Request
Total Unique Trials Requested Across All Answered Inquiries
61.2%Trials Made Available38.8%Trials Cannot Be Made Available
Why Trials Are Unavailable
Trial completed < 18 mo. ago or ongoing (30.4%)
Regulatory approval not yet received (28.4%)
Trial is out of scope (i.e., Phase 1, etc.) (26.5%)
Data Partner alliance member has not agreed to share (10.8%)
Materials are not available in English (4.9%)
Data subject to partner agreement; researcher advised to contact partner (2.0%)
Data cannot be converted to electronic format (1.0%)
Response to Trial Inquiries
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CSR Summaries Requested and Provided
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CSR Summaries Provided
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