Review by Richard Lehman – 06/15/2016 – 4:46pm

Data Request Number: 2016-0765 Is the scientific purpose of the research proposal clearly described?: No If no, please explain:

It is not clear to me what the stated objective of determining the “most efficient cognitive measurement and analysis method for cognition and dementia” really means. I do not think this can be done by data analysis from past clinical trials – it would require prospective clinical study. 

Will request create or materially enhance generalizable scientific and/or medical knowledge to inform science and public health?: Unsure, further clarification from requestor is needed Can the proposed research be reasonably addressed using the requested data?: Unsure, further clarification from requestor is needed Please use this space to provide any comments, feedback or concerns (optional):

Methodological clarification is needed.

Recommendation for this data request: Not Approve

The investigators need to clarify (a) their objective and (b) the analysis method.