Study Phase 2

A Randomized, Single-blind, Controlled, Monocentric Phase II Trial to Compare the Safety and Neutralizing Activity of Simulated Rabies Post-exposure Prophylaxis With CL184 in Combination With Rabies Vaccine vs. HRIG or Placebo in Combination With Rabies Vaccine in Healthy Adult Subjects

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  • 1 NCT00656097
  • 1 Primary Citation Trial has yet to be published
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Trial Information

Generic NameRafivirumab/ForavirumabProduct NameTherapeutic AreaViral DiseasesEnrollment140% FemaleN/A% WhiteN/A
Product ClassImmunizationsSponsor Protocol NumberRAB-M-A003Data PartnerJohnson & JohnsonCondition StudiedRabiesMean/Median Age (Years)N/A

Supporting Documentation

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